28 September 2017

RWA at Vienna Design Week 2017

"We took the opportunity of the Design Week to open a new office in Vienna, in Rotenloewengasse (9th District)."

During Vienna Design Week we exhibited four of our realized projects. It was the occasion to design an exhibition in a completely different way than the one we were used to in Milan. Everything must be accomplished and perfect there, while here everything has an “ongoing connotation”. In Vienna we decided to exhibit less, the minimum. Just one image for each project and for some not even that. We represented the Palace of University of Cognitive Science in Rovereto with a big picture of the lecture hall, and we did the same for Flat “T” in Verona. On the contrary for the Office Center in Warsaw and the showroom in Milan we exhibited…nothing! To characterize these projects we used only a piece of the coloured façade for the first one and a lighting outline for the second one. We wanted to give a sign and to create interest and curiosity. Visitors could then learn more about the projects thanks to the detailed materials they could find next room.

This kind of exhibition is simpler and more essential. It puts at the center the visitor, his ability to get involved, to get curious and to discover things.