Majlis 1
Majlis 2
DOHA (Q) | 2012


Project details


With Luca Baroni

The new hall is due to host institutional and family meetings of the Emir Khalifa bin Hamad al-Thani (grandfather of the present emir, who reigned from 1972 to 1995). Majlis or Mejlis (literally “place where you sit”) is a word meaning various types of political, administrative, social or religious meetings. It is located in one of the emir’s residences near Doha occupied soon after his return from his voluntarily exile in Switzerland. The design takes after the local style with use of materials and shapes of the tradition. The inlays in the ceiling and the plaster works on the walls are all handmade. Lighting, comforts and installations are made with use of the most modern technologies, which can guarantee the utmost comfort. The windows are equipped with special shading modules following a typical local pattern.