TMA Pre-school and primary school

TMA School 1
TMA School 6
TMA School 7
KIGALI (RWA) | 2017

TMA Pre-school and primary school

Project details


With Zuki Mxoli, Johannesburg (RSA)

The distinguishing characters of this project are the relevant declivities of the area and the need to keep two types of school in the same building. Classes, services, collective spaces and the two halls share a synergic relation because of a plan exploiting the natural declivities of the area to identify the schools different spaces of interest. The functional spaces are organized around the two halls, which develop on one or two floors. The only common elements are the library and the conference hall building. The whole plan follows a special programme supplied by the body having the overall responsibility, meanwhile it advances a dynamic solution, opened towards the outer spaces and flexible in order to satisfy future needs. The materials used are mostly of local production so that the Rwanda technical and construction know-how is valuably highlighted.