07 November 2018


"Ruffo Wolf and Afees Tirimiusiyu"

Saturday 17 November 2018
10.00 am
Casa Emergency - via Santa Croce 19, Milan


RWA_Ruffo Wolf Architetti talks about ArchiLecture experience: opening the architecture library to the whole city, also with the help of three specially trained migrant people. RWA at Book City 2018 tries to bring together two such different dynamics. "Accelerate" the books to bring them into the city and "slow down" the dynamics of the migrant, to intercept it and listen to its story. ArchiLecture was an opportunity to explore what is happening around us. Combining the three concepts of architecture - culture - social. The project is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.

"The architect of the future is the one who opens his eyes to the dynamics of the world, and gets involved to answer at part of it".

In ArchiLecture - Architecture for all created by RWA_Architetti at Fuorisalone 2018 a dialogue is born between Ruffo Wolf, architect, and Afees Tirimisiyu, young graduate in business administration at the University of Moshood Abiola Polytechnics of Abeokuta; before a migrant, now cultural mediator at the Franco Verga Foundation Milan. A dialogue on the places crossed in the long, difficult journey through the "places of no return". Architecture deals with places. Places can be beautiful, mediocre, ugly. Or of no-return. Those where you can't go back a second time. Because it is not said, if you go once, that you come out alive. Because only a combination of dramatic circumstances brings you to it. Because when you get there, you can only hope to move on. Because even if you could, you would never go back there. Ruffo Wolf listens with the architect's ears to the places described by Afees Tirimisiyu, a young Nigerian graduate who migrates against his will. In a frank, objective, unique conversation: about the places dramatically crossed by Afees during his journey without return. From his home, Nigeria, to the desert, to Libya, to the Mediterranean, to Sicily, up to Milan. It all started one evening, at the Afees graduation party that was taking place in the Abeokuta University park ...